Automatically Offload Inactive Files to Wasabi Cloud Object Storage

Migrate cold data and snapshots non-disruptively to the world’s most affordable secondary storage

Move cold data, snapshots, and archive files to the world’s most affordable secondary storage

Wasabi Cloud Storage

Much of the space consumed in your NAS and file servers is taken up by inactive, historical data and snapshots of important files. That poor use of expensive capacity leaves little room for the hot data and makes for sluggish access.

This is the number one cause of annual storage spending…and there’s no end in sight. Each time space runs low, organizations are forced to buy new equipment and manually spread files across different systems, which breaks directory hierarchies and disrupts users.

With DataCore and Wasabi, migration is completely non-disruptive, automated and reversible, so when you do need to restore a file from the cloud, it’s as if it never left.

The integrated solution saves you from buying more expensive capacity on-premises, and keeps the familiar directory structure intact. You decide what and when should go on the cloud, software does the rest.

See how much you can save by moving inactive data to the cloud.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Automatically and non-disruptively migrate inactive files to ultra-low-cost cloud storage
  • Safeguard critical files with snapshots in the cloud
  • Dedupe, compress, and encrypt files automatically before saving them in the cloud
  • Access cloud-archived files just like active files; they remain in the directory
  • Granularly control migrations for entire shares, directories, or individual files
  • Significantly reduce costs, space, and effort to archive inactive files and protect critical data
  • No manual intervention required when migrating files to or restoring from the cloud
  • Avoid or defer expensive capacity expansion of on-premises NAS and File Servers
Wasabi Datacore Diagram
Automated migration of inactive and cold data from on-premises to Wasabi cloud

Hands-free Data Placement, Load Balancing and Cloud Migration with vFilO

DataCore’s vFilO software pools existing NAS and File Servers as one logical system (single namespace) so files are no longer tethered to a specific piece of hardware. Instead, the once-separate file shares become subdirectories distributed across several tiers of storage. vFilO then migrates files between available storage devices according to data placement objectives set by you.

Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage provides the most affordable alternative for that tier where not only archive files, but snapshots of critical files and applications can be kept inexpensively. Characteristics such as performance, governance, ownership, and age may also determine data placement. Load balancing occurs in the background across available systems – on-premises storage, public, private, and hybrid cloud – without incurring any downtime.

DataCore saves you additional money by reducing cloud capacity consumption through global deduplication and compression with optional encryption. You can calculate the estimated saving from vFilO’s built-in Data Profiler. To users and applications, files in the cloud remain accessible from the same familiar directory.

In those cases when archived file must be retrieved, it may take a little longer to rehydrate it and put it on an active storage tier, but that migration is completely transparent. No IT intervention is necessary to either save it in the cloud or restore from it. And unlike other Cloud storage providers, Wasabi does not charge you for egress.