The Simplicity of HCI with the Flexibility of Software-Defined Storage

DataCore™ HCI-Flex Appliance

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Compliment and Modernize your Existing Infrastructure

The DataCore HCI-Flex appliance offers the flexibility of software-defined storage in a simple to use, deploy and manage hyperconverged appliance solution. Deployed in under an hour, the HCI-Flex appliance can pool and manage not only internal storage, but external block storage systems as well, regardless of vendor or underlying technology. The flexibility of the appliance delivers the significant benefits of software-defined storage and enables users to scale performance and capacity either up or out, based on business needs. The HCI-Flex appliance includes DataCore Insight Services (DIS), a powerful, cloud-based predictive analytics service.

“The DataCore ONE approach offers a unified model for primary and secondary storage that looks to balance price, performance and system management with the scale-out simplicity of modular, HCI-based storage.”

451 Research Impact Report – “DataCore ONE brings new appliances and analytical insights to its high-performance SDS platform” – July 12th 2019

Solution Benefits

  • Unparalleled Flexibility
    Leverage internal and external storage regardless of vendor or underlying technology
  • Faster Time to Value
    Accelerate deployment with simple, automated deployment in both ESXi and Hyper-V environments
  • Simplified Management
    Console is fully integrated with vCenter deployment and ESXi management
  • Performance that Scales
    Scale up and out up to 64 nodes
  • Cost-Optimized High Availability
    Achieve true high availability with only 2 nodes using synchronous mirroring
  • Increased Storage Efficiency
    Optimize diverse IT environments with storage pooling, auto-tiering, and data migration
  • The Power of Predictive Analytics
    The HCI-Flex appliance includes DataCore™ Insight Services (DIS), a powerful cloud-based predictive analytics service

HCI-Flex Solves Many Common IT Problems

The HCI-Flex appliance brings together two best-of-breed entities, a highly reliable server foundation and the DataCore software-defined storage expertise to create a flexible HCI appliance that can be used to solve many of the most troublesome business and technology problems.


limited resources

For organizations with limited budget, storage management expertise, and space, the HCI-Flex appliance provides a cost-effective solution with an intuitive storage management console that makes it easy to implement, deploy, operate and maintain. The DataCore HCI-Flex appliance can be deployed in less than an hour into new or existing environments thus accelerating time to value so IT can focus resources on more business-critical projects.

Application Performance & Availability

performance and availability

For organizations trying to manage increasing expectations that technology becomes a center for business growth and profit, the HCI-Flex appliance empowers IT with data analytics and insights, significantly reduces downtime and dramatically increases application performance. DataCore Software-Defined Storage, the foundation of the HCI-Flex appliance, has been shown to increase application performance by up to 3X while decreasing storage related downtime by as much as 50%.


change management

For organizations seeking to reduce their dependency on multiple disaggregate management systems as well as complicated routes to maintenance and support, the DataCore HCI-Flex appliance provides proactive insights and trend data so capacity planning and remediation are simplified. The end result is a significant reduction in latency and downtime due to complications associated with change management, data migration and accidental misconfiguration.

HCI-Flex Appliance is a Great Choice For Many Use Cases

hci appliance robo diagram

Remote Office/Branch Office

The HCI-Flex appliance is an ideal choice for remote locations and branch offices. Simple, intuitive deployment enables fast and easy setup in locations with limited or no dedicated IT resources. Once installed, the hyperconverged appliance can connect to a datacenter-based DataCore installation providing common data services and management across locations. This consistency of services streamlines and simplifies critical infrastructure management functions such as performance optimization, replication, failover and recovery.

hci appliance vdi diagram


Optimized for high-density VDI deployments, the HCI-Flex appliance substantially reduces cost per virtual desktop and delivers a seamless end user experience while minimizing infrastructure footprint and total cost of ownership.

hci appliance edge computing diagram

Edge Computing

The volume and velocity of data is increasing at an overwhelming rate. Many businesses are adopting edge computing as a way to provide faster access to latency-sensitive applications and optimize network bandwidth. When deployed as an edge computing platform the HCI-Flex appliance can increase the speed of applications by up to 3X while preventing storage-related downtime. When connected to a DataCore installation located in the datacenter, the same benefits of data service consistency discussed above apply to the edge computing scenario.

Built on the Solid Foundation of DataCore Software-Defined Storage


Parallel I/O

parallel io feature icon

Process I/O in parallel vs serially for increased application performance up to 10X


caching feature icon

Accelerates disk I/O response and uses CPU cache/RAM as “mega cache”

Random Write Accelerator

random write accelerator feature icon

Eliminates random write performance penalty and provides SSD-like performance from HDDs


auto tiering feature icon

Automatically sets tier assignments based on policies, with support for up to 15 storage tiers

Load Balancing

Storage Load Balancing

Auto balances I/Os across devices and bypasses failed/offline channels

Quality of Service (QOS)

Quality of Service

Limits I/O traffic from lower tier workloads and enables critical apps to run faster



Storage Pooling

storage pooling feature icon

Splits tiers based on price/perf/ capacity and eliminates stranded disk space


deduplication compression feature icon

Replaces duplicates with pointers to single, compressed instances

Data Migration

data migration feature icon

Clears and reclaims space with zero downtime migrations

Thin Provisioning

thin provisioning feature icon

Occupies only space being written to and dynamically allocates more space as needed


Replication & Site Recovery

replication site recovery feature icon

Bi-directional asynchronous replication for disaster recovery and rapid restoration

Continuous Data Protection

continuous data protection feature icon

Restore to any point in time without application interruption


encryption feature icon

XTS-AES 256-bit encryption for data-at-rest that is storage-device independent

Synchronous Mirroring

synchronous mirroring feature icon

Maintains data in two places eliminating storage as a single point of failure


snapshots backups feature icon

Recover rapidly at disk speeds while eliminating extended backup windows


The Power of DataCore Insight Services

Dis Dashboard Ai Analytics

    View the collective number of health & optimization insights across your server group at-a-glance.

    • Critical & informational
    • Clickable
    Real-time, prioritized task list to help storage administrators focus on what’s important. DIS insights are all actionable, delivered in an easy to use format, with click-able buttons to immediately take prescriptive remediation steps.

    • Ordered by severity level
    • Clickable remediation steps
    DIS monitors your environment all day, every day from the cloud generating predictive insights to avoid downtime and ensure optimal configuration. The health & optimization status of your entire DataCore server group are provided at-a-glance so administrators know immediately upon login where to focus their attention.

    • Overall status
    • Clickable improvement recommendations
    View historical capacity and performance trends over time to assist in workload planning. Proactively add capacity or migrate workloads based on predictive insights before performance is impacted or downtime occurs.

    • Real time & historical
    • Predictive capacity end date

The Value of Flexibility

The DataCore HCI-Flex appliance provides the ease of deployment, simplicity, and agility of hyperconvergence, along with a key differentiator: flexibility. With the HCI-Flex appliance you can efficiently manage internal storage while connecting to and utilizing external storage as well. This enables you to combine both internal and external capacity into a single pool and use auto-tiering across SSD, HDD and secondary storage to optimize performance while reducing overall costs. Scaling compute and storage independently eliminates potential overprovisioned compute and wasted capacity that result from limited, node-based growth. The HCI-Flex appliance can scale out up to 64 nodes giving you the freedom to allocate your storage to applications based on business needs.

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