vFilO Savings Calculator

DataCore vFilO can help you significantly lower storage TCO and improve ROI. Use this simple tool and find out how much money you can save on your file and object storage investments.
1. File Reorganization

File Reorganization

$50 $250
20 hours
1 hour 60 hours
2. Impact on Cost of Data

Impact on Cost of Data

100 TB
10 TB 5000 TB
$100 $10,000
$25 $5,000
0% 100%

3-year Savings Estimate


Total combined savings of productivity and data storage costs over a 3-year period.

The estimated savings values contained herein are provided to you for illustrative purposes only. The actual cost savings due to vFilO will depend on how you use it for storage management in your environment. Savings are calculated to the nearest dollar for simplification purposes.

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3-year Savings Estimate $204,000