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DataCore software gives IT departments the essential ingredients for digital transformation: dramatic performance improvements, highly available data, and maximum efficiency.

Trusted in over 10,000 deployments.

Most customers see...

5X Performance Increase
100% Reduction in Storage-related Downtime
50% Cost Reduction

Accelerate performance. Reduce cost and risk. Avoid rip-and-replace.

Industry Analyst, Press, and Customer Validation

The benefit of DataCore’s seamless, integrated platform is that companies can have just one easy-to-manage storage architecture.

Carla Arend, Nick Sundby IDC

DataCore delivers simplicity and reduces operational costs by enabling efficiency, allowing customers to do more with less. Ultimately, without efficiency, simplicity is a myth.

Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group

DataCore is a popular choice for distributed data centers and SMBs, as it only requires two nodes for a high-availability, single-site or stretched-cluster configuration.

Magic Quadrant for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Gartner

DataCore Hyperconverged Virtual SAN gives us the flexibility, reliability, and performance to keep our systems running non-stop. No other products I looked at were even close to accomplishing this.

Corey Nelson, IT Manager Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon

IDC believes that SDS is going to become the preferred architecture for storage environments in the near future, and DataCore is well positioned to help customers make the transition rapidly and smoothly.

Carla Arend, Nick Sundby IDC

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